All of our meat is local and comes from small-sized pig farms that meet our strict animal feeding requirements: pigs are fed maize, barley, soy and alfalfa exclusively.

Hams range from 13 to 20 kg in weight and are processed and salted by skilful hands during the autumn and winter months.

The heavier the leg, the longer it will take to cure. When the meat is fit for safe preservation, hams are moved to the smoking stage, which typically occurs in the fireplace room. A herbal infusion is prepared in a cauldron and a 2-4 day exposition suffices to give our prosciutto an outstanding and inimitable flavour.

Depending on leg size, the curing process will take 16 to over 24 months to complete. After spending long months hung up in clean county air by night and carefully coated in a mixture of flare fat and fine spices, D’Osvaldo prosciuttos are ready to be enjoyed by gourmets from all over the globe.

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