D’Osvaldo’s Pancetta is an Italian excellence according to Gambero Rosso
18 January 2023

D’Osvaldo’s slightly smoked Pancetta is an Italian excellence according to Gambero Rosso


Gambero Rosso has rewarded our Pancetta in its Guida Grandi Salumi 2023 Guide

Gambero Rosso is the world’s authority on Italian food, wine and travel.

Established in 1986, Gambero Rosso’s specialist publications are written for and by some of the world’s top chefs, gourmands and wine lovers.

The 240-page guide, involving 168 producers and 402 various cured meats, illustrates a panorama of Italy’s most exceptional expressions of Italian gastronomy.

The Guida Grandi Salumi is one of the guidebooks of Gambero Rosso, which analyzes and rewards the best Italian cured meats. The ratings have been translated in “Fette di salame” (salami slices): 1, 2, 3 Fette, or 2 Fette rosse (red slices) which identify the products with 90/100points, therefore almost perfect products. 
In the 2023 edition you can find some of our products.

The sligthly smoked Filone, which has been defined as near perfection, was rewarded with 2 “Fette rosse” and the slightly smoked Pancetta, which received 3 “Fette”, has been elequently described “as slice which lends itself without hesitancy to the bite, releasing complexity and elegance”.